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BID Membership

Please find attached our BID Membership Certificate for 2016/17. As members of British BIDs we are kept informed of legislation and changes that may affect BID companies. We can seek also support and advice from them if required and attend BID meetings 3-5 times per year to discuss issues with other BIDs and how they resolve their issues.

Having voted to become a Business Improvement District (BID) has been invaluable for our estate, as it provides us with sufficient funds to properly look after it, making it safe, secure and as tidy and organised as possible. You might have noticed that Riverside Road is in certain areas, for example around Boldfort, in urgent need of repairs. The committee is already on the case and has received quotations from road construction companies to do the work. They hope to proceed as soon as possible.

By the way, invoices for the BID levy 2016/17 will soon go out and the committee is happy to report that nearly everybody has paid up for 2015/16, which is very much appreciated and good for managing the estate to the benefit of all businesses. 

If anybody wants to make suggestions how the estate can be improved, please email Judith Roscoe,

Membership Certificate

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