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Greyhound Stadium Project - development plans are gathering pace

Many of us will be aware that there are plans in the pipeline and already put forward to Merton Council at the preplanning stage outlining how to develop the current Greyhound Stadium site adjacent to Garratt Business Park. Two major plans have evolved, one, which will maintain the Greyhound Stadium and one, which will replace it with a Football Stadium. In both cases a substantial number of residential properties will be created alongside the stadium.

It will still take quite a number of years until building work will start, but planning applications will soon be presented to Merton Council and will attract strong views and comments from the neighbourhood. The development will have a major effect on the surrounding area, on residents living there, on the infrastructure and also on Garratt Business Park with regards to traffic going in and out and parking. The committee is following the developments closely and will make appropriate representations in due course.

To get a flavour of what has been discussed in the media recently, have a look at the following links:

Guardian Article dated 30th September 2014

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We will keep you updated!

David Guyan, Chairman of the BID Committee

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