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Galliard Homes and Wimbledon AFC have submitted a joint planning application for 602 new homes and a 20,000 seater stadium on the current Greyhound Stadium Site with probably inadequate parking and insubstantial flood risk management, on the edge of Garratt Business Park. The DEADLINE for comments & objections is MONDAY 19TH OF JANUARY.

Since most of the site is situated within the boundaries of Merton Council, it will be Merton who will ultimately deal with the planning application. However, the development will impact considerably on the Wandsworth area and therefore businesses and residents are requested to communicate their objections or comments to both Councils:

Merton Council:

Wandsworth Council:

Below you will find a draft letter which you could use to email to both Councils. It is important that as many individual comments are made as possible, as the more comments made the more impact they achieve. If you have any questions about the application, please contact Judith Roscoe ( or David Guyan ( You can view the full application on the Merton website by using the planning application reference 14/4361.

Comments should include:

the application reference 14/4361 and site address: Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium Plough Lane

your name and address

The Councils are encouraging comments to be made by email or via their websites, both of which will be automatically acknowledged electronically. There will be no acknowledgements of letters. All comments will be available for public viewing on the Council websites within 3 working days of receipt. If you don't wish that your email address and/or signature get published on the websites, please don't sign the letter and send it as an attachment to an email or in the post.


For the attention of Merton Council @ Wandsworth Council Planning Departments

re: Merton Planning Application 14/4361 & re Wandsworth Planning Application 2014/7397 Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium, Plough Lane

I/we wish to object to the above planning application on the planning grounds of LOCAL TRANSPORT provision, LOCAL PARKING, SAFETY AND SECURITY of Garratt Business Park Industrial Estate and potential exacerbation of LOCAL FLOODING.

TRANSPORT: The developers have used inadequate traffic data for their transport assessment; the influx of a possible additional 20,000 transport users could not be met by the existing transport provision and would disrupt expected transport provision for the current users; the thoroughfare of Summerstown could not cope with additional traffic as was proved by the application for the yellow lines installed in Summerstown in 2013; Riverside Road is extremely narrow and could not cope with additional traffic; it is extremely unclear whether the developers propose to try to put a junction/entrance from the development into Riverside Road; additional traffic would seriously disrupt the local economy and business, including employment, which is carried out from Garratt Business Park. What additional public transport do the developers propose to provide and support?

PARKING: The developers are not providing parking for the vast majority of stadium users which is likely to have a very disruptive effect on both local residents and business. In terms of Garratt Business Park the current parking resource is scarce and there is no space or opportunity for additional visitors. Currently the Stadium site provides parking for some staff from St Georges Hospital. If this is not provided by the developers then these displaced staff cars will try to park in local streets where there is currently no surplus provision, and this could also mean that such displaced cars might attempt to park on the Garratt Business Park where there is also no space.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: Garratt Business Park is a private industrial estate run as a Business Improvement District (BID) with general support from Wandsworth Council but no specific services provided by the Council. There are automated gates which close in the early evening and at 2pm on a Saturday. If Stadium visitors attempted to park on the estate when arriving at an event at the Stadium they would find that their cars were locked in when they came to leave. There are no security staff nor emergency entry procedures and there would be a risk of damage to the gates and possibly business premises by angry visitors. If the gates were damaged then the Estate would be left unsecured.

FLOODING: Both the Stadium site and Garratt Business Park are in a flood risk area; the plan to build 602 residential units is not consistent with the highest flood risk designation the site has been given. Inadequate floodwater storage mechanisms would add to current flood risks on Garratt Business Park.

14th January 2015

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