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Plough Lane Retail Park

Warning if you visit and park there frequently


The following has just happened to the owner of one of our businesses:

He received yesterday a Parking Charge Notice from Parking Eye, the organisation looking after the parking place outside shops like Lidl, Halfords, Pet At Home etc on Plough Lane, claiming that he had parked there overnight from 3rd January 2018 17:26 to 4th January 2018 12:57, i.e. for 19 hours and 31 minutes. Parking Fine £100!

The evidence provided were two photographic images, one taken in the dark only showing his number plate and one taken a day later when his car was just about to leave the retail park. Now, it is clear that evidence like this is none whatsoever and he has proof that his car was not parked there overnight but had been driven out after shopping late afternoon on the 3rd of January at Halfords and had then returned on the 4th for shopping at Lidl. Parking Eye obviously omitted two further images, which could have proven that this was the real sequence of events.

Parking Eye has attracted a lot of complaints and if you are visiting the Plough Lane Retail Park frequently and maybe daily, please be aware of this careless practice. 

The shops on the Retail Park have now been informed and hopefully they will investigate this further. We will keep you updated.

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