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Garratt Business Park BID (Business Improvement District) could continue for a second term of 5 years from April 2014 following a substantial YES vote from the businesses of Garratt Business Park.

To secure a second BID term, 'YES' voters needed to make up the majority of the ballot turnout by number and rateable value. Those in favour of Garratt Business Park BID made up 92.75% of the ballot turnout and 93.66% of the aggregate rateable value represented by the businesses voting.

The turnout at 75% was one of the highest turnouts for a renewal BID ballot in the country. 


 CLICK the link below to view the full online brochure for BID 2

Bid Two Brochure

CLICK the link to view the full online brochure for BID 2 - BID Brochure 2013